After joining CarbonStory, you can join any of the existing teams below or create a new team. When you join a team, all of your carbon offsets count towards the team total. You can join as many teams as you want so there is no need to pick only one.


25 members

A team for anyone who has a connection…


22 members

For anyone who is Swedish, feel…

The Hub

20 members

To become a global network of…

Politecnico di Milano

20 members

College & University Since 1863.…


14 members

Fans of Whole Foods Market

Fans of Kiva

14 members

For all CarbonStory users who…


13 members

For anyone who supports WWF. Our…


10 members

For anyone who likes CarbonStory.


9 members

NUS cares about climate change.…

Team Texas

8 members

Let's show people that Texans…

Big Apple NY NJ

7 members

New York and New Jersey come together…

Carbon Trade Exchange

7 members

Carbon Trade Exchange is the world's…


6 members

For all who like what Yvon Chouinard…

Harvard University

6 members

Students, Faculty, Alumni and…


5 members

Serves coffee and cares about…

Geostellar Inc

5 members

Post Punk, Post Carbon


5 members

A team for all Australians, expatriates,…

Hamad Bin Khalifa University

5 members

The Hamad Bin Khalifa University…

IDA Singapore

4 members

IDA Singapore is proud to support…


4 members

We also care about the environment


4 members

Employees and fans of Ericsson

Israel green community

4 members

All environment supporters וכל…


4 members

KTH contributes to sustainable…

Earth Hour

3 members

Hundreds of millions of people,…

Ben and Jerrys

3 members

This team is for all of us who…

Team Europe

3 members

If you are from Europe and want…

Stockholm School of Economics

3 members

Team for all students, faculty,…


3 members

Join the LSE in combating climate…


3 members

Facebook cares about the environment!

Carbon War Room

3 members

Founded by Sir Richard Branson,…

Chris' Cafe Hub Singapore

3 members

Where change meets coffee


2 members

Watsi cares about climate change.…

Green Drinks Singapore

2 members

Open to anyone who likes Green…

IT professionals

2 members

Group for IT professionals who…

Columbia University

2 members

Post-grad, Post-carbon

Stanford University

2 members

Stanford cares about climate change!…


2 members

We are eco leader.

Italia Verde

2 members

Let's team up and become greener…

Standard Chartered

2 members

Supporting climate change initiatives…


2 members

Inspiring people to live lifestyles…

The Impactory

2 members

A community and place where people…

Little Skool House

2 members

For students at Singapore based…

Indiana University

1 members

Jion to become more aware of your…

The Buzz Bus Tour

1 members

We are off to off set our trip…

Poland Team

1 members

Team z Polski - zapraszam.

Publicist League

1 members

The Publicist League is looking…

Good Shepherd 1989 gals

1 members

Vegas babes reunite to do good!!


1 members

Singles for sustainability. Discover…

Presidio Graduate School

1 members

Presidio Graduate School educates…

Cambridge University

1 members

Cambridge cares about climate…

McGill University

1 members

McGill is environmentally friendly!

Team Volkswagen

1 members

Join the VW team to save the planet…

Bryn Mawr College

1 members

Bryn Mawr is the best


1 members

Go Bears!

Cranfield University

1 members

Cranfield cares about the environment!

Evian Group

1 members

The Evian Group, founded in 1995,…


1 members

It's cool to be smart.

University of Oxford

1 members

For members and alumni of the…

Sagar Sengupta

1 members

We ' Pratyasha' have been associate…

1 members

Dryland tree planting to reduce…


1 members

The iCarbon is the best personalized…


1 members

Living in Melbourne? You're lucky…

Lokal Travel

1 members

Making global travel more sustainable…

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