Zhongfang County Hydro

Zhongfang County Hydro project

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Pailou Hydropower of Zhongfang County Co., Ltd.
Potential offsets:
Average of 71,606 MTCDE per year for a total of 501,242 MTCDE
Generated offsets:
131,846 MTCDE from 2006 - 2009
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What's it about

Zhongfang County Pailou Hydro Project in Hunan Province China is developed by Pailou Hydropower of Zhongfang County Co., Ltd.. It involves the construction and operation of a newly built hydro plant that utilizes local water resources from the Wushui River. The project started construction in September 2004 and started to generate electricity in September 2006. The project was registered as a CDM project in May 2009.

The total installed capacity of the project is 18.9MW (3×6.3MW). The electricity generated by the project is connected to regional power grid, finally to Central China Power Grid (CCPG), displacing part of the electricity generated by CCPG which is dominated by fossil fuel-fired power plants.

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Users involved

Christian Montoya

Christian Montoya  sponsored this project

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Leif Birnik  sponsored this project

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Andreas Birnik

Andreas Birnik  sponsored this project

Miriam Birnik

Miriam Birnik  sponsored this project

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Olof Lundström  sponsored this project

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