Tamil Nadu Wind Power

Tamil Nadu Wind Power project

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Tamil Nadu
TCS Textiles Pvt Ltd with partners
Potential offsets:
Average of 38,753 MTCDE per year for a total of 387,530 MTCDE
Generated offsets:
96,458 MTCDE from Apr 2006 - Nov 2008
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What's it about

The project generates renewable energy from wind power to displace fossil fuels.

The total capacity of this project activity is 19.8MW which involves the installation of 22 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) (5 WTGs capacity of 1250kW, 4 WTGs capacity of 1500KW, 10 WTGs of 500kW and 3 WTGs of 850kW).

Out of the 19.8MW total capacity the electricity generated by 8.0 MW is used for captive power generation while the remaining electricity is sold to the grid (11.8 MW) as per the agreement between the project promoters and the Tamil Nadu State Electricity Board (TNEB), which forms part of the Southern Grid. This power from a greenhouse gas free source will displace power from TNEB Grid which is primarily fossil fuel based and hence will effect reduced emissions in power generation from southern grid connected power stations.

The proposed project falls under the consolidated baseline methodology for grid-connected electricity generation from renewable sources of CDM methodologies. The estimated GHG emission reduction is 387,530 MTCDE or on average 38,753 MTCDE per year during the chosen ten years of crediting period.

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Users involved

Yael Birin

Yael Birin  sponsored this project

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Kalle Nilver  sponsored this project

Miriam Birnik

Miriam Birnik  sponsored this project

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Patrik Hokfelt  sponsored this project

Wayne Stanford

Wayne Stanford  sponsored this project

May Myat

May Myat  sponsored this project

Leif Birnik

Leif Birnik  sponsored this project

Lawrence Ladomery

Lawrence Ladomery  sponsored this project

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Wayne Stanford  sponsored this project

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Tatiana Shalalvand

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Indrani Lundström

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Niklas Thulin

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Joel Billinger

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Andreas Swahn

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Andreas Birnik

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Victor Cruzate

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Soup Mario

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Tian Meng

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