Sungai Kerling Hydropower

Sungai Kerling Hydropower project

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Project Info

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Kyoto Energy
Potential offsets:
10,034 MTCDE per year
Generated offsets:
10,692 MTCDE (01/10/2009 – 31/01/2011)
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What's it about

The project develops a small scale hydropower project which sells electricity to the Malaysian national grid. By displacing electricity that would otherwise have been generated partially by fossil fuels, the project reduces greenhouse gas emissions. As a run-of-river project with no reservoir, the project is particularly environmentally friendly and also has other positive sustainable development benefits including generating employment for locals.

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Users involved

Patrik Hokfelt

Patrik Hokfelt  sponsored this project

Yael Birin

Yael Birin  sponsored this project

Cyril Enrique

Cyril Enrique  sponsored this project

Victor Cruzate

Victor Cruzate  sponsored this project

Victor Cruzate

Victor Cruzate  sponsored this project

May Myat

May Myat  sponsored this project

Olof Lundström

Olof Lundström  sponsored this project

Rizwan Khokhar

Rizwan Khokhar  sponsored this project

Abel Tablada

Abel Tablada  sponsored this project

Wayne Stanford

Wayne Stanford  sponsored this project

Miriam Birnik

Miriam Birnik  sponsored this project

Jack Holmes

Jack Holmes  sponsored this project

Little Cloud

Little Cloud  sponsored this project

Ted Persson

Ted Persson  sponsored this project

Leif Birnik

Leif Birnik  sponsored this project

Andreas Birnik

Andreas Birnik  sponsored this project

Lena Machida

Lena Machida  sponsored this project

Jaimee Hancock

Jaimee Hancock  sponsored this project

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