Nectar Life Sciences Biomass

Nectar Life Sciences Biomass project

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Project Info

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Dera Bassi
Nectar Lifesciences Ltd
Potential offsets:
Capacity of 46,829 MTCDE per year
Generated offsets:
103,324 MTCDE from May 2007 - Dec 2009
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What's it about

The project activity involves the utilisation of biomass residue for meeting the demands of the captive power generation and steam generation in the pharmaceutical unit. As the power and steam is generated from the burning of biomass residue, the project leads to emission reductions, as compared to what would have happened by the utilisation of a coal based cogeneration plant.

Nectar Lifesciences Ltd (NecLife) is a 200 million US$ integrated pharmaceutical organization, offering a comprehensive range of Cephalosporin active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage forms. NecLife is engaged in the development and manufacture of quality intermediates, bulk actives and is one of the largest manufacturers of the cephalosporin range of products and delivering innovative and affordable products to domestic as well as international markets.

NecLife has tactically positioned itself in the global pharmaceutical industry. It has developed sustainable production systems to manufacture the highest quality pharmaceutical products meeting diverse requirements of its customer base in over 45 countries worldwide.

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