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The Clinton Hunter Development Initiative (The Clinton Foundation)
Potential offsets:
Capacity of 70,000 MTCDE per year
Generated offsets:
22,550 MTCDE to date, next delivery September 2012
Plan Vivo
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What's it about

The Trees of Hope project supports small-scale farmers in the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions through afforestation/reforestation activities in the Dowa and Keno Districts in Central and Southern Malawi.

The project is being undertaken by the Clinton Hunter Development Initiative (CHDI). CHDI provides farmers with training and capacity building to facilitate tree planting activities that contribute to increased carbon sequestration in biomass as well as economic and social co-benefits for local producers.

The land-use systems used are boundary planting, dispersed interplanting, mango and citrus fruit orchards and woodlots. CHDI is now working with over 1,200 producers (individuals and communities) and continues to register new participants on a regular basis.

These producers collectively manage over 800,000 trees. Additional accomplishments include the creation of two nurseries which grow trees for local producers.

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