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Envirotrade Carbon Limited
Potential offsets:
100,000 MTCDE per annum
Generated offsets:
342,423 MTCDE to date, next delivery 30 December 2012
Plan Vivo
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What's it about

The Sofala Community Carbon Project is developing sustainable land use and rural development activities in communities around and within the buffer zones of Gorongosa and Marromeu National Parks both in central Mozambique, to improve rural livelihoods, habitat restoration, forest management and conservation of biodiversity. The project is also generating verified emission reductions (VERs).

A pilot to the project was initiated in 2002 with a group of 53 farmers in the wards of Nhambita and Munhanganha. This was followed by a research and development phase which was funded partly by the EU between August 2003 to August 2008. Since September 2008, the project has been financed primarily by carbon sales and investment from Envirotrade Carbon Limited.

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