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At CarbonStory, we have chosen to only include offsets verified according to the standards of reputable third parties including “Gold Standard”, “Plan Vivo” and ”Verified Carbon Standard”. Support your favorite project now and make an impact.


Make an impact

CarbonStory is a social enterprise that enables you to mitigate climate change by supporting projects that neutralize your own impact.

Join CarbonStory and become part of the solution to climate change.

Your lifestyle generates carbon emissions from the home you live in, the food you eat, your travels, your clothing and the services you use.

Estimate your carbon footprint based on your location and lifestyle.

Entrepreneurs all over the world are working on projects that reduce carbon emissions including carbon capture, renewable energy, reforestation, and energy efficiency.

Select green projects that you like to sponsor by buying carbon credits.

Most people joining CarbonStory are surprised to learn that they can become carbon neutral for much less than the cost of a can of soda per day.

Become carbon neutral today and share with friends on Facebook.

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