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Potential offsets:
170,214 MTCDE from 2009-2016
Generated offsets:
44,408 MTCDE from Nov 2008 – Feb 2011
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What's it about

The Qori Q'oncha Programme is managed by Microsol, a French social enterprise. Introducing efficient cookers with chimneys was found to be the best alternative for both environmental and social development. Their use reduces demand for firewood, leading to a reduction of CO2 emissions, and also protects the forest and reduces time spent gathering firewood.

The chimneys ensure thick smoke is expelled from the house, making women and children, in particular, less liable to respiratory illnesses. Local institutions and villagers are trained in the construction and use of the stoves and are taught about technology, health and the environment, guaranteeing the long-term success of the project.

The program was launched in 2008 and so far over 100,000 cook stoves have been distributed. In Peru, 30% of the population uses firewood as primary fuel for cooking. Most of these people live in rural areas where the access to primary services such as electricity and clean water is below 50%.

The market for improved cook stoves in Peru is not developed yet because of the low demand for this technology. Project developers are encouraged by the carbon market financial incentives to implement improved cook stoves. This is creating demand for products related to their construction. By bringing financing opportunities for the diffusion of the technology, Microsol contributes to the market creation. > Read more

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