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19 districts of Western Kenya
Vestergaard Frandsen Ltd
Potential offsets:
2,000,000 MTCDE per year
Generated offsets:
Over 2 million tons CO2e
Gold Standard
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What's it about

The project distributes approximately one million water filters (LifeStraw® family units) in 19 districts of the Western Kenya province. The LifeStraw water filters will treat contaminated water, making it fit for drinking purposes. The project replaces current water treatment practices in Western Kenya which is boiling water using non-renewable biomass, with the LifeStraw family water filters.

The LifeStraw family units are being distributed in parallel with other-life saving technologies which is part of an Integrated Prevention Campaign which includes a long-lasting insecticide-treated bednet, condoms and educational materials to encourage residents to participate in a voluntary HIV counselling and testing campaign. The campaign addresses many health and environmental issues faced by the people in the Western Kenya province, and has the potential to reduce the incidence of waterborne disease for four million people as well as reducing the use of firewood.

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