MedcoEnergi Gas Recovery

MedcoEnergi Gas Recovery project

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Project Info

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South Sumatra
South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd
Potential offsets:
Average of 86,022 MTCDE per year for a total of 860,219 MTCDE
Generated offsets:
492,803 MTCDE from Mar 2006 - Mar 2009
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What's it about

The project activity involves greenhouse gas capture from an existing oil production site. In addition, the remote, sparsely populated region and its communities profit from job creation, investments into the local educational system and donations to people in need.

Technically, the project captures associated gas, a by-product of oil production that would otherwise have been flared. Modern facilities have been installed to clean the gas and process it into dry gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), fuels with a significantly lower emission factor than the still widely used kerosene. By this, the associated gas is not only kept from being released into the atmosphere, it now also replaces dirtier fuels in the regional market.

As a result of the flaring reduction activity, the oil field’s greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions are significantly reduced. Locally, the mitigated flaring and the utilization of dry gas and LPG for fuel result in better air quality.

By providing a cleaner alternative source of energy at more affordable cost, the region’s increasing power demand can be met, sustainable development of the local economy is supported, and general awareness for clean energy is raised among workers, local student and the general public.

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Users involved

Yael Birin

Yael Birin  sponsored this project

Tatiana Shalalvand

Tatiana Shalalvand  sponsored this project

Olle Billinger

Olle Billinger  sponsored this project

Abel Tablada

Abel Tablada  sponsored this project

Daniel Hedenström

Daniel Hedenström  sponsored this project

Patrik Guné

Patrik Guné  sponsored this project

Ian Devlin

Ian Devlin  sponsored this project

Jie Hui Kia

Jie Hui Kia  sponsored this project

Miriam Birnik

Miriam Birnik  sponsored this project

Andreas Birnik

Andreas Birnik  sponsored this project

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