At CarbonStory, we are committed to transparency. It is critical that carbon credits are retired in official registry accounts as this ensures that credits purchased by CarbonStory’s members are only sold once.

Official registry accounts

Retirement is a manual process where we periodically look at the carbon credits purchased by our members and “retire” the credits in official registry accounts. Upon retirement, an electronic record is created to provide transparency.

View Retired Credit lists

VCS Credits
2012: 58 MTCDE.view here

2013: 3,500 MTCDE. Click here and then click on search (magnifying glass icon on the right) and input CarbonStory as the account holder: To verify the quantity retired, you can download the report in Excel format and sum up the retired credits in the column “Quantity of VCUs”.

Plan Vivo Credits
2013: 300 MTCDE.view here

Gold Standard Credits
2013: 100 MTCDE.view here

Retired versus sold offsets

As of 15 February 2014, we have retired the following credits in Metric Tonnes Carbon Dioxide Equivalents (MTCDE) in CarbonStory’s various registry accounts:

MTCDE retired 2012 2013 2014 Total
VCS 58 3,500 0
Plan Vivo 0 300 0 300
Gold Standard 0 100 300 400
Total 58 3,900 0

This compares to the following credits being purchased by CarbonStory’s members or used to offset CarbonStory’s own emissions:

2012 2013 2014 Total
VCS 0 1,033 110 1,143
Plan Vivo 0 89 185 274
Gold Standard 0 26 63 89
Total 0 1,148 358

The above shows that we have retired 3,958 MTCDE while 1,506 MTCDE have been offset by members and to cover CarbonStory’s own emissions (1,474 MTCDE by members and 32 MTCDE for CarbonStory’s own emissions). This means that we have pre-retired credits before they have been purchased by CarbonStory’s members.

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