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19-May-2014, Green Collar Asia
World Under Water by CarbonStory
Singapore based carbon offsetting start-up named by CarbonStory is getting widespread global attention with its innovative website called for hacking (legally of course) Google Maps to show how your home or office would look like underwater when sea levels rise.

13-May-2014, Fast Company
See What Your City Will Look Like Under Six Feet of Water
A new Google Maps plug-in from CarbonStory, a crowdfunding platform for environmental initiatives, along with marketing agencies BBDO and Proximity Singapore, attempts to show what a six-foot sea level rise could look like in your hometown.

8-May-2014, Sky News
Deep Trouble: App Shows Climate Change Effects
A website showing how your street would look if the world’s water levels rose has been launched. The World Under Water site was created to show the effect of a rise of two metres - predicted to become a reality in this century by many scientists.

8-May-2014, Wired
StreetView, si sono allagate le città
Cosa succederebbe se i cambiamenti climatici portassero a un’innalzamento del livello del mare? Con StreetView puoi avviare una simulazione impressionante

8-May-2014, Mashable
Sea Level Rise Visualization Shows Your Home — Underwater
Sea level rise is one of the most insidious of global warming's threats. Every inch of sea level rise increases the risk of coastal flooding during a storm or astronomically high tide in a coastal city, be it Chicago or Dhaka, Bangladesh.

8-May-2014, CNN
What will rising sea levels do to Paris?
A new website is hoping to call attention to climate change by showing users the effects of rising sea levels.

7-May-2014, Weather Channel
See Your 'World Under Water' In New Google Street View Tool
What would the world's most iconic landmarks look like under dozens or even hundreds of feet of water? Even better, what would your house look like if the oceans rose high enough to swallow it up? If there's a photo of it on Google Street View, you can find out thanks to WorldUnderWater, a new web-based tool developed by Singapore-based CarbonStory.

7-May-2014, CNET
Google Street View mod shows your town under water
World Under Water is the creation of a pair of marketing agencies -- BBDO and Proximity Singapore -- along with climate change-centric crowdfunding platform CarbonStory.

7-May-2014, Business Insider
New Google Maps Hack Shows What Cities Around The World Look Like Under Water
Earlier this week the US government released its National Climate Assessment Report, which revealed that regions all around the country are experiencing the affects of climate change. Now, environmental awareness advocate CarbonStory has launched a World Under Water hack for Google Maps that shows you what your hometown might look if sea levels continue to rise.

7-May-2014, Gizmodo
A Street View Mash-Up Shows Your Neighborhood After Sea Levels Rise
Ever wondered what New York, London, Paris, Dubai or even your home town might look like when sea levels rise? World Under Water by CarbonStory uses Google's Street View to do just that.

7-May-2014, Huffington Post
Google Maps Street View: 'World Under Water' Hack Shows How The Sea Levels Will Rise
Google Street View is not only the best way to look for Australians in awkward situations outdoors. It's also now one of the most compelling visualisations of the effects of climate change we've ever seen.

19-Nov-2013, KTH (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
Engagemang under studietiden - och efter
KTH-alumnen Olof Lundström har läst Industriell Ekonomi och har alltid varit engagerad i olika projekt. Han började under sin studietid med att starta entreprenörs föreningen Excitera och nu driver han CarbonStory – ett initiativ för att hjälpa människor klimatkompensera själva.

22-Oct-2013, National University of Singapore
Benchmarking the carbon calculators
Teaching a course on sustainability at NUS Business School, adjunct professor Andreas Birnik wanted his students to measure their own individual environmental impact resulting from their lifestyles and purchase choices.

24-Sep-2013, Make Wealth History
CarbonStory and the complexities of online calculators
A few years ago I was trying to assess my carbon footprint, and had got conflicting advice on how big it actually was. I sat down on a rainy day and clicked my way through eight different online footprint calculators, giving me estimates of annual emissions between 1.5 and 9.4 tonnes. Clearly not all carbon calculators are created equal.

2-Aug-2013, (Sweden)
CarbonStory - Ett socialt och roligt sätt att bekämpa klimatförändringar
Det är vanligt att känna sig orolig för klimatförändringar och många av oss känner sig skyldiga att verkligen göra något åt det. De flesta människorna idag gör dock inte så mycket åt klimatförändringar och inser inte hur allvarligt det kan bli.

13-May-2013, StartUp Jobs Asia
Initial Startups: Behind the Scenes #1 – CarbonStory
We've heard about 'Crowd-Funding' a lot. How about 'Crowd-Offsetting'? A Singapore-based Startup launched a portal to fight climate change! Now, you can do your part and support Green Projects via this Startup!

11-May-2013, Yozma (Israel)
איזון טביעת רגל אקולוגית אישית (Balancing your personal ecological footprint)
אם אתם קוראים עמוד זה בעברית, סביר שאתם בישראל. טביעת הרגל האקולוגית הממוצעת בישראל היא 9.5 טון CO2 בשנה. השאלה היא מה עושים עם זה, כיצד מאזנים עם הטבע את הנזק שגרמנו לו.

9-May-2013, Cranfield Alumni
Alumnus launches new climate change crowd funding platform
Andreas Birnik (PhD 2008) launched a brand new social enterprise CarbonStory at the emerging technology festival SXSW in Austin, Texas.

9-May-2013, Straits Times
Go online, support a green project
Local social enterprise CarbonStory has launched a beta version of its crowd funding platform for climate change projects. [PDF]

06-May-2013, Green Biz
New crowd funding site for carbon offsets forges unique path
Based on the belief that storytelling is the most effective way to capture hearts and minds, a new crowd funding site for carbon offsets aims to use its platform to go beyond engaging concerned individuals.

21-Apr-2013, Startup Space
CarbonStory: a way for everyone to get involved in climate change projects
I was at Startup Day yesterday and listened to Chad Hamre speak about making work meaningful – which was a really interesting speech that made everyone think about what they are working on! I caught up with Olof Lundström who is involved in CarbonStory, a crowd-funding platform for climate-change projects.

15-Apr-2013, Sustainability at Harvard
Alumnus Launches Carbon Footprint Social Platform
If you're like us at the Harvard Office for Sustainability you care about your carbon footprint and hope to make a difference in the fight against climate change.

3-Apr-2013, Acre
The Wisdom of Crowd Offsetting
The power of crowds to tackle climate change is being tapped by a new website. CarbonStory aims to use 'crowd-offsetting' to support a range of environment projects.

28-Mar-2013, Eco-business
CarbonStory launches offsets for the masses
Think Kickstarter, Kiva and Watsi ... inspired by these crowd-funding sites, CarbonStory encourages people to reduce their own carbon emissions through the purchase of carbon credits, which in turn support environmental projects.

9-Mar-2013, Green Brunei
Gamification as the Way Forward? CarbonStory Speaks
The carbon market may still a nascent one in the world today but there is no lack of concerned proponents of the system.


Media coverage

5-Dec-2013, Infocomm News from Singapore
Start-ups do Singapore proud at ASEAN ICT Awards
A multi-screen cloud social TV, a crowd-funding platform for climate change initiatives, and a video analysis and classification solution were among projects from Singapore that won international recognition at the ASEAN ICT Awards (AICTA) presented on 14 November.

9-May-2013, Infocomm News from Singapore
Singapore at South by Southwest 2013
Several Singapore startups have made a promising debut in North America with their participation in South by Southwest (SXSW), one of the biggest digital media festivals and conferences in the United States.

22-Apr-2013, Alumni at Harvard
Alumni Embrace the Spirit of Earth Day

The world celebrates Earth Day on April 22, but many alumni have made a commitment to sustainability through the work that they do every day. The Harvard Office of Sustainability recently spoke with five alumni about their professional endeavors as they relate to the environment. All can connect their passion for sustainability to their Harvard experience.

3-Apr-2013, The Ecosystem Marketplace's Forest Carbon News
Trees a crowd
What's next in online crowdsourcing? Crowd-offsetting.

31-Mar-2013, SGE
Asian Startups @ SXSW 2013
At SXSW 2013, there were three Asian countries with their own pavilions.

30-Mar-2013, Niches
Crowd investing News
CarbonStory allows funders to neutralize their carbon footprints by purchasing "carbon credits" that offset their day-to-day carbon output.

29-Mar-2013, Nano Store
List of 20 Notable Niche Crowd funding Sites
A list of 20 niche crowd funding sites covered on Crowd fund Insider recently.

14-Mar-2013, Center10 Consulting
A First-Timer At SXSW: Putting my toe in the fast-flowing waters of South By South West
For those of you who aren’t familiar with the phrase "Drinking from a firehose", it means being overwhelmed by the influx of loads of information.

11-Mar-2013, iTechPost
Made in Singapore: Nine Native Tech Startups Showcased at SXSW
South by Southwest interactive festival in Austin, Texas, has become an important tech hub over the years, with its myriad panels and networking opportunities amid the BBQ consumption.

11-Mar-2013, Eco-Business
Crowd funding coming of age in cleantech
With early stage capital for cleantech innovation becoming increasingly scarce, crowd funding sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and a new crop of clean/green ones are beginning to emerge as significant sources of funding for selected next-gen clean technologies.

10-Mar-2013, NewsOn6
Singapore Connection at SXSW: The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore to Showcase 9 Singapore Tech Startups
Stop by Singapore Alley to Explore Emerging Technologies, Investment and Partnership Opportunities Available in the Republic's Startup Ecosystem

6-Mar-2013, Clean Technica
CarbonStory To Launch Crowd funding Platform At SXSW
Singapore-based social enterprise CarbonStory is set to launch the beta version of its crowd funding platform for climate change projects at SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin on March 10.

5-Mar-2013, Crowd fund Insider
Crowd funding Platform for Climate Change: CarbonStory
CarbonStory, currently in closed beta, will launch the beta version of its crowd funding platform for climate change projects at SXSW in Austin, USA on March 10.

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