CarbonStory for business

With our co-branded partner pages, CarbonStory can be used to encourage employee and customer engagement around climate change and sustainability.

CarbonStory Features

• Co-branded promotion page: Company logo plus CarbonStory.

• The company pays for employees and/or customers to become carbon neutral for one month based on projects selected by the company.

• The company gets a branded team page and it is possible to create sub-teams for different units or departments within the company.

Examples of usage

• A university could offer students to become carbon neutral for a month at the start of the academic year or for a special eco event.

• A company can offer customers to go carbon neutral as a gift with a mail describing the projects including photos and videos. This can be used for Christmas, Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Hanukkah or other festive occasions.

• A company can offer employees to go carbon neutral as part of Earth Hour or World Environment Day

• Following purchase of products and services, a company can make the customer carbon neutral for a month.

You want to know more?

For more information about how this works please contact us at

At this stage we do not offer an automated business carbon footprint calculator. However, we do work with companies for special projects. Do contact us if you have a specific request and we will look into it.

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