Our carbon footprint

At CarbonStory we work hard to limit our own climate impact. We work from home to avoid the need for office space and we use online videoconferencing for most meetings. As a result our carbon footprint is relatively modest.

Our climate impact

Flights make up the largest part of CarbonStory’s carbon footprint. In 2012, CarbonStory’s co-founder Victor Cruzate flew to Singapore to work with the development team for 4 months. During 2013, there were flights to launch CarbonStory at SXSW in Austin, for the final judging of the ASEAN ICT Awards in Myanmar and to receive the Award of Excellence for Social Innovation by the World Marketing Summit in Malaysia. We add an additional 10% above calculated emissions to cover items we may have missed.

Certified carbon neutral

We have supported a number of green projects to offset the climate impact of CarbonStory. The projects are listed below.

Carbon footprint calculation

Supported projects

As of 31 December 2013, CarbonStory’s total carbon footprint for 2012 and 2013 is equal to 31.86 MTCDE. We have rounded this to 32 MTCDE and supported the following projects to offset the climate impact of CarbonStory:

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