What we believe in

We believe that climate change is a defining challenge for our generation. Now we know that climate change is happening. This is no longer a debate, but a fact. And it is time for mainstream consumers to be part of the solution.

You can make an impact

At CarbonStory, we believe that everyone can be part of the solution. We believe that people can make an impact without doing anything radical and crazy to their lifestyle. Sponsoring climate change projects is quick, easy and it doesn’t cost much. We still think you should consider making lifestyle choices that limit your greenhouse gas emissions. But we think that absolute impact is what matters most. This means that we think it is better if you go 100% carbon neutral with CarbonStory compared to if you just make some token green gestures like using fewer supermarket bags.

Don’t get us wrong

We think we use far too many supermarket bags but did you know that the climate impact of a single return flight between Singapore and San Francisco is equal, from a climate perspective, to over 600,000 supermarket bags? So if you do hop on planes, saving some plastic bags will really not go very far towards making a positive climate impact.

Go carbon neutral

We think your first step should be to go 100% carbon neutral with CarbonStory. However, we then think that you should use the advanced features in our carbon footprint calculator to learn about the climate impact you are making. Having done that, we believe you will gradually learn how to make better consumption choices including focusing on big ticket items that really matter. We realize that our approach is unconventional and may irritate green activists. For years, the common mantra has been to first focus on reducing greenhouse gas emission and then perhaps to offset whatever is left. But seriously, where has this approach really taken us so far? Greenhouse gas emissions are rising every year and there is widespread consumer apathy. This approach has not really worked because few people like being told that the first thing they need to do is to change. Realizing this, our inspiration is drawn from crowd funding sites like Kickstarter, Kiva and Watsi. With these sites, you can support great projects immediately without first having to change yourself. Why should climate change be any different? Why should you only be worthy if you first make substantial changes to your lifestyle? Instead we think the avenue to engage mainstream consumers is by making it really easy to fight climate change and by providing an engaging user experience focused around featuring amazing projects that mitigate climate change. It doesn’t mean that we will stop with this. But it is our starting point on a long and arduous journey to make a real impact. We hope that you find our approach refreshing and that you will join our quest to build a vibrant community of users who come together to fight climate change.

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